Konings-Zuivel delivers dairy produce and other chilled products to all the major Dutch supermarkets. So taking care of our customers is our top priority. We purchase the desired products strategically within our network of reliable and trustworthy manufacturers and, several times a week, arrange for delivery, invoicing, and further communication with these producers. That saves you time, manpower and, ultimately, money.

Private label

The chilled products delivered by our manufacturers are neatly presented with the correct labelling. Do you want to see your own private label(s) on the shelves? Konings-Zuivel will be happy to do that for you. We take care of the entire trajectory of your private label products, for both large and small quantities. Konings-Zuivel regulates the process, solving any problems as they come up.

Konings-Zuivel: partner from product development to retail.

Market knowledge and a passion for dairy products

Product purchasing costs time, money and needs knowledge and skill. Do you want advice, for example, in expanding your product range? Or are you looking for a specific product? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place at Konings-Zuivel. Our people know the ever-changing market, have a wealth of experience, and feel a passion for dairy products. We also attach great importance to food safety. That’s why Konings-Zuivel is BRC certified and we strictly adhere to their quality and hygiene requirements.

Inventory management and logistics

The Konings-Zuivel distribution centre is the intermediate station for all your refrigerated product inventories. You can let us take care of your entire inventory management and logistics with complete confidence. As the link between our customers and (foreign) manufacturers, we always ensure the right supplies and deliveries, in any season and even during bank holidays. We also take into account your specific needs and wishes – customisation is always possible at Konings-Zuivel.

At the right place for the best price

Transporting refrigerated products from manufacturer to end-user is an art in itself. Konings-Zuivel have had lorries driving for nearly 30 years up and down the whole of Europe. Thanks to our complex logistics network, we can effortlessly combine all different products, volumes and locations at very competitive prices. Of course, the end result is a very favourable price for you.

So you can always assume that a product in the hands of Konings-Zuivel will always get to the right place for the best price.

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