About Konings-Zuivel

Konings-Zuivel has made dairy products for more than 25 years. 

Our success is due to the wide range of both refrigerated and non-refrigerated dairy products.

Konings-Zuivel: from single-serving desserts to dairy specialist

Konings-Zuivel B.V. was founded from behind a kitchen table in Lekkerkerk in South Holland. That was in 1986, a time when people mostly ate chilled custard for dessert and only treated themselves on occasion.

Single-serving desserts for the Netherlands

Konings-Zuivel’s spiritual father and founder was originally in the cheese business and supplied cruise ships in Rotterdam harbour. At the time, he had a cold storage cell next to his home. One day, he visited a German dairy factory where he saw desserts in single-serving portions being prepared for Mona. It was an eye-opener: Konings-Zuivel had to bring these single-serving desserts to the Netherlands!

Characteristic and affordable dessert

Konings-Zuivel took the price of a litre of chilled custard, divided it by five and offered a single-serving dessert on the dairy market for that price. It worked because Dutch supermarkets were buying more and more of this characteristic, affordable dessert: yellow and/or brown chilled custard in a small plastic container, topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Racking up the miles

In the years that followed, Konings-Zuivel racked up the miles, both literally and figuratively. The team discovered dairy cultures in countries like Germany, France and Italy, travelling to expand the network and acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience. ‘Follow It Through’ was the motto and Konings-Zuivel’s growth was explosive.

Konings-Zuivel knows what goes on and how it tastes.


Meanwhile, Konings-Zuivel has developed itself into a dairy world specialist, having built up a complex logistics network. We import dairy products from different European countries and market them to various parties in and around the Netherlands. Konings-Zuivel is a down-to-earth and (financially) healthy company, loyal to its workers and partners. Its relatively small team of experts keeps track of trends within the industry, knows what’s going on and how it tastes. Growth is important, but a passion for the products counts for more.

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