Logistical services

As a logistics service provider, we have everything under one roof. 

We take care of the whole process, from A to Z.

Logistical services

Konings-Zuivel takes care of all the logistics for refrigerated products. Not only are the goods taken from A to B in the right conditions and at the right time, but our team of specialists also ensure high-quality inventory management. Through our unique way of working in the field of forecasting, we are always ready to deliver the correct stock. We can also provide added value services: re-packaging or labelling are among the possibilities.

Excellent service at a competitive price

Konings-Zuivel operates from suppliers in France, Germany, Italy and Austria to virtually all retailer platforms in the Netherlands. Thanks to this extensive international network, your deliveries fit seamlessly into our goods’ supply stream. That means you can count on excellent service for a competitive price. And because we are not dependent on large orders, we can also carry smaller volumes for you.

Sustainability on the road

Every day, lorries with refrigerated products come and go at our distribution centre in Bergambacht. The lorries meet or exceed the European emissions standard and are always optimally loaded when in transit to customers and manufacturers throughout all of Europe. That way, we save on the number of journeys and reduce CO2 emissions. For distribution within the Netherlands, we work exclusively with certified transporters – for example: Lean & Green or SKAL. They have a modern fleet and a commitment to sustainability.

Online services

We apply the most innovative software possible. We can, for example, keep track of the temperature during an entire journey and also couple it to the systems of our customers and suppliers.

Safe, responsible and sustainable

To deliver fast and reliably. That is Konings-Zuivel’s number one priority. We work in accordance with the HACCP food safety system and have the BRC Storage & Distribution certificate, which is the international standard when it comes to food safety in logistics. We strictly apply this standard everywhere and at all times: in our distribution centre and in transit.

BRC Storage & Distribution Certificated_logo

Konings-Zuivel is recognised by SKAL, which allows us to provide logistical services for biological products.

Do the pick-up yourself?

Would you prefer to pick your products up from us? That is also possible. Our team is always ready to meet you at our distribution centre in Bleiswijk.

Questions or more information? Please get in touch!
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